Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

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Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Post by penlopej »

Would I recommend this game to new players? No way. I have played this game since Christmas 2012 and I mean played every day for hours. I have 3 towns; one at level 9 VIP and two at level 8 so I have spent more money than I care to think about.
Over the past year or so it has become increasingly obvious that the developers have become very greedy, (an understatement). I accept that there is no such thing as a free game regardless of the title. I also accept that it’s a players choice whether or not they pay real money to play but it has become the case that to progress in this game you have to either cheat big time or pay cash to continue. I have only ever bought LP’s once and that was right at the beginning when it was just impossible for me to complete a task without using LP’s. It’s so long ago that I can’t remember the details. I remember feeling very guilty at the fact that I had spent money on a game. As time went by I bought a few packs and then when VIP came out I started asking for iTunes vouchers for Christmas and birthdays so I could increase my VIP. That was OK but now people are almost forced to buy LP’s and SP’s so they can participate in the updates. For me the cardinal sin is that after I’ve bought a pack I now have to use SP’s or LP’s to get more than one of the item I’ve paid for. Needless to say I will not be spending any more money on this game.
I’m lucky in that I started playing before the daily rewards were reduced so I’m never short of simoleans and constant grinding for LP’s by my sims at every levels means that I have plenty of LP’s and SP’s so my gameplay is not seriously affected. I am affected however by the greed exhibited by FM and the fact that newer players are constantly frustrated in their efforts to play the game.

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Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Post by Raining Rainbow »

This isn’t a non-combatant game - the opponent is FM bleeding our $$$ 😭

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Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Post by CatharinaSophia »

Thank you all for reacting!

I feel in general that we can adres 3 main points in the letter:
  1. Items in the game and quests in the game (SimChase, Pregnancy) appear to be massive money grabs; almost impossible to complete without spending SP/LP/real life money.
  2. The game requires you to be around 24/7. We all have a life outside the game, some of us have full time jobs and checking in every 1-2 hours to start a new task isn't reasonable.
  3. The only new features we get are in time and money consuming events. We rarely get new features "for free" anymore.
If you feel that you have other points that I haven't written down, please feel free to leave a reaction!
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Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Post by simmare »

Okay, points that would appear in my open letter, if I wrote one:

1. Lay off the live events! These require babysitting the game 24/7, and, in case you forgot, players have LIVES. They have jobs, families, they require sleep. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned quests?

2. Cancel the SimChase show now. Nobody wants to see a Season 2 of this train wreck.

3. If you really MUST give us live events, at least lower the number of items we need to craft. It's impossible to finish these events without spending lots of SPs or real money. Give us a break.

4. Lower the prices of new furniture and decor. You've made it utterly impossible for most players to afford any of the newer items.

5. If you plan to give us new maternity items, how 'bout just putting them in the maternity store? Making us do the events to get them (a) again requires lots of SP and (b) generates tons of maternity tokens. What are we supposed to do with all those when there's nothing in the shop left to buy? How 'bout ability to convert them into a currency we actually need?

6. You've offered lots of new house templates recently and there are always more architect homes. How about more home LOTS? Y'know, for all 3 players who can afford those templates and houses.

Until I think of more,
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Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Post by garishplum »

I rarely play Sims Freeplay any more. I have played almost as long as mockingbird288z. I am at the max level. I am at the max of simoleons. I could build anything I want or just buy it. I don't mean for this to sound like I am bragging etc., but the only thing I have left to enjoy in the game are the quests, live events, etc.

The events are no longer fun. The prizes are not easily attainable. I work 12 hour night shifts 4 times a week + meetings etc. and have been doing so since 2018. I used to play SFP on my days off and occasionally on my lunches if I was able to have them, and even then I was able to earn enough to win all of the prizes in events. Now the new algorithm, I haven't been able to finish 2 events. This is the first time that I haven't finished an even in 7+ years of playing. I used over a 1000+ SP in the last event and still didn't even unlock the final prize. If this is the course that The Sims Freeplay is going to continue, I will no longer be playing.
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