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Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 10:28
by CatharinaSophia
Hello Fellow Community Members,

I've seen a lot of complaints about the Sims Freeplay on these (and other) forums and I was thinking maybe we could write them an open letter as the Sims Freeplay-community. Since I'm no English native speaker and I'd love to get some more community members involved (I mean, the more the merrier, it probably also makes it more credible) I was thinking maybe everyone who's interested can write one or more paragraphs in the comments below and one of us can compose a full letter consisting of those paragraphs that can be posted on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram or wherever else the Sims Freeplay has accounts.

I feel that if we come together as a community instead of complaining on a forum they don't even see, we can truely make a change. I hope there's like minded people, who are willing to help me pull this off.

Thanks for reading, wishing you'll support!


Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 10:32
by CatharinaSophia
Some points I'd like to address:
- High cost of furniture
- Massive amount of glassware/jewelry/candles/pottery needed (we have a life outside of the game)

Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 11:36
by telemwill
Definitely the high cost of the feature quest this update. Also upping the amount of Sims needed to complete the pregnancy event.


Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 12:57
by kls1st
I’ve been playing SFP for about ten years. (I almost quit after the death update. I’m still very upset my original sims died. It was heartbreaking. Do you remember how, at first, every friend grieved and needed consoling? :cry:) There is much to love about the game and I want them to make money. It keeps things going. I’ve bought some stuff from the game store. (I’m a whopping VIP2 :lol:. Too bad they haven’t credited me for the pool cleaner and the fish tank.) I like a lot of what they sell in the game store and would buy more but it just isn’t worth what they think it is. I watch the ads the paperboy brings, hoping for LP and SP. This morning the new Osiris ad thing to finish action actually interrupted the paperboy ads and the only action was toddlers hibernating and of course that isn’t among the tasks Osiris finishes which is fine cause toddlers are a pain in the game and in real life. Leave them hibernating. Finish things like croissants or strawberries. That would almost be worth the constant ad interruptions. Nudnicks... :roll:

Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 19:38
by mockingbird288z
I've been playing the game since it came out (well, minus 3 weeks) and it's been really amazing to watch the game grow these past 8 years. We couldn't even cancel actions in the beginning! And now there's just some amazing stuff in here. What has been hard to watch is how greedy EA/FM have gotten. I think being a free-to-play game there is a certain amount of expected greed and maybe we are just became the frogs in a boiling water pot. It's been happening all along, and we've gotten a little angry about the increased temperature along the way, but now we're sitting in a boiling pot of water. The greed was always there (adding death was a big one - pay to keep your sims alive!) but it's just so bad now. The requirements for live events are so high now it's nearly impossible and then if you do manage to unlock everything they cost of the items themselves is ridiculous!

Basically, unless you are an older player (anyone playing before January 2013) or are very well-off and can fork over hundreds of dollars monthly, there's no point in doing the Grand Garages Live Event. None. Because what's the point of getting all this stuff for garages if you can't then put a car in it?

Man, I remember when the live events were new and exciting. Unfortunately, FM saw they had a good method of getting money and now they're beating it to death. We used to get new features all the time. But since the Live Events started (and, I assume, they got an uptick in in-app purchases) they've more or less abandoned expanding the game and have instead focused on adding items. Now, getting new items is great, don't get me wrong! There was a period there were it was just new features all the time but no new items for the home. But now we've got the reverse. A new feature added maybe once or twice a year but items being shoved down our throats until our decorations tabs are bursting. (Side note: Seriously. We need a Wall Decorations tab, a Floor Decorations Tab, and a Table Decorations tab.)

And they're not just ruining live events. They've done it to the hobby events, too. Daring Do's: sounded great at first but then you realize it's only 4 new hairstyles and we only got half of a new hairstyle each time we completed the collection. Instead of doing it 7 or 8 times to unlock 7 or 8 hairstyles we had to do it 8 times to unlock 4 hairstyles in all the available colors. And then we didn't get any of the fun colors! It's Daring Do's! Where's the pink? Where's the green? What's next for these events? One new hairstyle and we have to do the collection 12 times to get all the colors?

Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 20:16
by SKatF
Please Leah, don't give them ideas 😀

Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 23:31
by kls1st
This is most of the one star review I left for SFP on iTunes other day. I think it belongs here too...

Ads that are supposed to finish actions are just frequent interruptions, finishing nothing. There’re glitches all over the place but the only glitches getting fixed are the ones that help the player. Any glitches that make it difficult for the player could take ages to correct if they ever correct them at all. You’ll never be able to afford the things you don’t have time to win in the endless, mindless events unless you use your real money to buy their in-game currency. I understand that the devs need to make money and I’ve even spent a few dollars myself but they shouldn’t be able to call this a free game if they make people spend real money just to play. That said, I love the game but I started playing the game years ago when the reward system was more generous and have an advantage that new players will never get. It’s unfair and I don’t think new players will have fun.

(2011 eh? Seems longer...)

Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 04 Apr 2019, 12:35
by randy_thrandy
i'm with y'all! the most bothersome, for me personally, are the insane prices, be it simoleans or special currency (pieces of furniture costing 300,000 simoleans shouldn't even be a feasible option, let alone reality) and the undoable quests and events.

Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 04 Apr 2019, 23:04
by Sigs_Minock
I've already ranted about the Quality of Life additions i'd wish they'd add, it's unlikely they'll do anything that doesn't involve micro-transactions.

When building new houses or event centers, if the cost didn't get scale so sharply, then the it wouldn't be so bad. i'm currently at rank 47 and it costs me 900.000$ to build anything else [1mil for the hospital.], even with a full town of 20~ sims, each earning upwards of ~1000$ per- it will take weeks of nothing but work/farming to build something that really doesn't impact the game.
likewise with the pregnancy event... it jumped from 170,000$ per visit to 270,000$ per visit.

Though, honestly for me, this is of little import to me- i'm letting my town die off and saying good bye to this game for a while.

worse for me, is i can't get any LP from the SonicAds offers for some reason. i've contacted them, and nothing from them except "we'll look into it."

Re: Open Letter to The Sims Freeplay

Posted: 25 Apr 2019, 14:27
by chamilet
I don't like that there are so many events constantly that I'm unable to complete events that are not live or timed. I have so many NPCs just waiting around in different places because I don't have the time. I haven't done:

Cars in Lots
A Bump-y Ride
Basement of Kings
All Mezzed Up
Back to the Wall
Saved by the Spell
Teacher's Pet
The Grooving Guru
Lovey-Dovey Balcony
Pretty Little Planters

Now, when am I going to find the time to do those and give them the attention they need? When would any new player?