Introductions! How long have YOU been addicted to The Sims?

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Re: Introductions! How long have YOU been addicted to The Sims?

Post by Jude525 »

Howdy, I'm Jude. Like Karritz I remember back when The Sims was intended to be an active part of a "future" release of SimCity. I guess the programming proved too much for the developers because The Sims came out without any connection to the "new" release of SimCity, which had no individual lives like the previous version.

So I also date back to the beginning. My husband had a Mac and I had a PC, so we would take turns playing on the PC until they released the Mac version. At that point we would sit side by side and play. He would spend hours building mansions while I played my families. This is also what we did with TS2 and TS3 when they were released.

We always bought every expansion when it was released, but stuff packs were hit or miss. At one point I was home on disability and found a website that let me play games for points that I could trade for Amazon gift cards. I would then use the cards to buy more Sims packs. At some point I had more EPs than I was actually playing, because when I got back to the game last summer I found that I knew very little about all the extra gameplay that the EPs added, so I started back with the base game and added them in one at a time. But my aging Mac system couldn't handle much, so they still sat in the box.

At this point I found the Store and AdPoints. This became my new addiction to supplement my gameplay. Also, I found my final EPs and SPs on clearance last fall/winter at very low prices.

*whew* Ok, ZeeGee could tell you, I'm not good at being brief. So, in the middle I got divorced. I'm on disability permanently, which means a LOT of time to kill. I got some money for Christmas that I used to buy a new PC system that handles every EP and SP installed at once, along with all my store content (which is most of the store.) So now I'm back to Plan A. Base game, seasons, pets and generations to start a legacy family. So far I've actually stuck to that family for a month, which is HUGE for me. I get distra... *SQUIRREL* ..cted easily. As the family grows, so does the house, and I love to build. I've especially enjoyed building parks lately.

I've also put my toes in the TS4 waters and back out. I tried to like it, I really did. Even bought a couple packs to see if they helped. City Living was a small improvement with a touch of open world feel, but not enough. And, come on, let's face it; TS3 has SO much content and variety. And the lack of Create-a-style is very frustrating to the builder in me. Everything looks the same. Maybe that's supposed to motivate us to buy more content, but I was already buying everything they were selling, so.....

And, again, *whew* #grin# I'm very active on a couple threads on the original forum, but followed ZeeGee's link here hoping to find and share builds. Not much action over there but maybe I can poke a stick in the hornet's nest? Anyway, always glad to find new Simmers to chat with. I have no-one in RL that plays, though I have one friend that will patiently listen as I drone on about my family or my latest build. She even shows actual interest in seeing my builds. It's good to have real friends. :-)

Okay, I'm done for now. Thanks for listening. We'll now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcasting....

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Re: Introductions! How long have YOU been addicted to The Sims?

Post by FatCat »

Hi I am fatcat.I played the sims since I was 9.I played the sims 1,skiped the 2 and for a birthday gift from a family friend I got the sims3.Now I am very disappointed in the sims 4 so I still play sims 3(and freeplay of course)

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