Sims 4 - Would YOU take on these challenges?

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Sims 4 - Would YOU take on these challenges?

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5 challenges. Only 1 wasn't made by me. The one not made by me is made by a person on youtube,user: Cray. The challenge:

Name: Hey Jessie challenge.
Challenge: Make a nanny,adopt 4 kids,and take care of them all. Rules will be in a comment below. The point is to take care of all the kids,complete their aspirations, and age them all up,with the nanny taking care of them for everything.

Here are my 4 challenges.

1st one.
Name: Good Luck Charlie challenge.
Challenge: Marry 2 sims,have them have 5 kids through woohoo or adopt. The point is to raise the kids without them fighting all the time,and the first and second kids growing into adults.

2nd one.
Name: Dog with a blog challenge.
Challenge: Marry 2 sims,and have 3 kids (4 if you cant get dogs),pretending like the dog/child 4 is a talking dog. Have only the kids know about the dog/child 4's secret. The point is to have the kids (kid 1 has to be a teen,kid 3 a child,and kid 2 can be either.) take care of the dog/child 4 without the dog/child 4 getting taken away (or getting taken to science to be experimented on).

3rd one.
Name: Shipping challenge
Challenge: Find a fandom you are in,make sims of 2 characters in that fandom you ship,and make them have a romantic relationship. Pretty easy.

4th one.
Name:Other sims challenge (Requires free play)
Challenge: Make your freeplay sims in sims 4.

So,would you do these challenges?
I Do sims 4 challenges! If you want to see one,feel free to ask!

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