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Help with Firemonkeys

Posted: 04 Jul 2020, 19:21
by Simssarah2
I have never bought anything with real money before but splashed out on Joe the Geologist as I really wanted the downtown apartments. After 15 days he vanished instead of sticking around for 45 days (Typical contractor). On contacting Firemonkeys they told me to get a refund from Apple but Apple said they don't refund this kind of purchase (I guess there's no proof about Joe disappearing). So I went back to Firemonkeys who just keep sending me automated emails saying to go to Apple for a refund. Clearly no one is reading my emails and I am getting infuriated. Does anyone know any other way of contacting FM or had a similar issue with getting a refund?

Re: Help with Firemonkeys

Posted: 05 Jul 2020, 08:39
by ErinPW
That‘s so annoying. Did you also try to open a new ticket?

Re: Help with Firemonkeys

Posted: 05 Jul 2020, 10:34
by Simssarah2
Yes, for once they were very quick to reply saying I had submitted a duplicate ticket. They finish their emails with ‘we now consider this case closed.’

Re: Help with Firemonkeys

Posted: 05 Jul 2020, 21:15
by simmare
I wonder if there’s just a general problem with this Downtown Developer quest. I finished the second one quite a while ago (got the apartment this time!), but the game keeps randomly sending me to the train station, saying, the quest is available, start now! Like it has no record of my having completed it, even though I built the new penthouse and it’s still there.

Sorry I have no help, but I sympathize.