Maximize energy from home items

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Maximize energy from home items

Post by SKatF »

You can recharge energy from home items: shower, toilet, bed, bathtub. Some items give a boost to energy. You usually start with cheapest items, and then can purchase better ones as you level up. There's many new items you will be tempted to spend resources on. It's an advantage to prioritize purchase of home items that will give you the highest energy gain.

Note that once you have purchased and placed a boost item, you can use any similar item and benefit. For example, if you have a boost bed in your house, you can also have and use a cheap single bed there to renew energy at the premium rate. If you're low on simoleans, using the cheap bed can help lower your cost of repairing the items.

Items will not boost energy if they are in your inventory. But with the new multiple lots, you don't have to keep boost items in your main lot. If you have unlocked a second lot, you can keep unwanted boost items there and it will still benefit your game.

I recently discovered this guide for maximizing energy of house items.
Source: ... rue#M19537
And this guide for items to purchase. It's a bit blurry here but if you go to the source, you can enlarge the chart and it's still sharp and clear.
Note the explanation section of the guide. Especially important is that duplicates in same column will not add more energy. So one towel rack will add energy to a shower. But a second one will not add more.
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Re: Maximize energy from home items

Post by ErinPW »

SKatF wrote: 18 Jan 2020, 21:06
[…] It's a bit blurry here but if you go to the source, you can enlarge the chart and it's still sharp and clear. […]
Tapping the posted pictures will enlarge them here, too :)

Thank you for posting this helpful info!
Keep safe! <3

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Re: Maximize energy from home items

Post by Thuraya »

Thank you for this info and the link, SKatF.

The picture here is still blurry when enlarged and the names of items not readable. Downloaded it has a size of 304 KB. The original picture is readable (though not completely clear) and has a size of 2.9 MB. So the picture quality is different. I don't know where the quality loss happened, but I'll try to post the original image here (just in case the original post gets lost somehow):
Updated Maximum Energy Recharge Chart JPG-01.jpg
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