[SIMCHASE] Season 9: Mansion Mania!

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Re: [SIMCHASE] Season 9: Mansion Mania!

Post by Zach0528 »

Can anyone help me? I’m on episode 4 and it wants me to take a selfie but I can’t find a mirror anywhere!? What do I do

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Re: [SIMCHASE] Season 9: Mansion Mania!

Post by kls1st »

Zach0528 wrote:
20 Jan 2020, 19:47
Can anyone help me? I’m on episode 4 and it wants me to take a selfie but I can’t find a mirror anywhere!? What do I do
There may be other mirrors that will do but the original mirror of the game, found in the hobby tab, will probably do
The fancy one on the decoration tab is the one I used but you may not have it depending on where in the game you are

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Re: [SIMCHASE] Season 9: Mansion Mania!

Post by chamilet »

Penstroker wrote:
20 Jan 2020, 15:09
Thanks for all the input. It turned out to be a moot point. I earned a token, spun and won $3000 Simoleons. Ended up spending some of my hard-earned SPs to get the bookcases that I wanted.

Did everyone's event start at 1:00 am or was it tied to the time that I opened the game on the start date? If so, serves me right for staying up late one night and checking the game before going to bed!!
I think it's tied to when you open the game and start the quest at the nightclub. I always had to write down which game had which reset time. I opted out of this one.
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Re: [SIMCHASE] Season 9: Mansion Mania!

Post by Penstroker »

JaneRoettinger wrote:
19 Jan 2020, 19:26
Penstroker wrote:
19 Jan 2020, 14:13
Is it better to spin when you win them?
No. Actually it's better to spin when you are doing some simchase task because this way you can get a chance to slow your rival.

Wish I had remembered this before I spun last night. I won the two tokens from the episode and spun once, winning the "Mega Roadblock". Instead of carrying it over to the next episode, it blocked my rival right then but I had already won the episode so I wasted it. Timing is everything!!
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Re: [SIMCHASE] Season 9: Mansion Mania!

Post by bloodredroses01 »

I’m seething again!!! This time because of the bloody Alphabet Soup Letters.🤦‍♀️ I broke down during Episode 2 because of the Ladybugs and bought the Boost since I was off in my timing (22 Sims!?!🙄). Sure I collected all the Ladybugs I needed with 11 Sims BUT (and it is a major one!) now that I’m on Episode 5 I too got screwed by the Letters and will have to spend precious SPs to get the last 3 Letters I need. (I prefer to save my SP and free SP plant spins for the crafting events) There is something seriously wrong if the only way you can collect the number of items needed is if you get the max amount from each and every Sim! Either guarantee the max amount or allow more Sims to do the collecting. Or to put it succinctly and simply - stop screwing the players around, FireMonkeys!

Just as an aside, buying the boost will not guarantee you will win every Episode! You still have to keep an eye on your opponent’s progress, your progress, and the overall time.🤦‍♀️ I lost out on Episode 4 and am dangerously close to losing out on Episode 5 if I’m not careful. All because of not being able to collect the number of items I need in a single round.
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Re: [SIMCHASE] Season 9: Mansion Mania!

Post by Desiree »

Just a note that Day 8 is literally impossible to do in 24 hours without using SP, unless you get all 66 items in one go, which so far hasn’t happened for me this chase. Grrrrrr. They REALLY should have kept it where you get all the items in one time frame. Makes a huge difference in ability to complete the day on time.
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