Marooned (Challenge)

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Marooned (Challenge)

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Storyline - One day, one of your Sims had an idea, they wanted to be 'marooned' to feel how it is like. Then, they realised it was a bad idea.
Recommended Time Limit - 2 days
Forbidden Items - Hobby Items and use of LP.
Requirements - 1 Microwave, 1 House Lot (Standard, Premium or Houseboat), 1 Coffee Machine, 1 Garden Patch, 1 TV, 1 Shower and 1 Bed (Any star rating)

1. Get a Sim locked up
To feel 'marooned', lock up your Sim in an house lot (Ensure they do not go out of the lot and only have one Sim there.)
2. Have a Double Shot
Before 'marooning' your Sim, give them a shot of energy by asking them to brew a Double Shot of Coffee.
3. Have a Hot Snack
That was rejuvenating, was it not? Your Sim is now hungry. Get them to eat a Hot Snack.
4. Grow some Watermelon
Great! Now, time to burn some fat. Grow some Watermelon!
5. Have a Rich Lather
Your Sim is sweating after that planting. Go have a shower.
6. Watch a Movie Marathon
Your Sim is now feeling depressed after being 'locked out' from the world for so long. Help them calm down by watching a Movie Marathon.
7. Get a Sim to Hibernate
Your Sim is so tired that they just do not budge, let them hibernate for a day.
8. Grow some Tomatoes
Your Sim feels like gardening, get them to grow tomatoes.

Congratulations - You Sim has survived the 'marooning', they learnt not to be so foolish again...
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