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100 Baby Challenge: Adapted For Sims Freeplay

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 15:43
by ilovethesims
    If your familiar with the sims pc series, you've probably heard of the 100 baby challenge. As I have found no properly adapted rules, I've decided to make my own adapted version. Feel free to suggest edits

    Please read through the entire thread as I may post important edits there! :D
    Create 1 female sim
    Pause them with platinum life or if possible or nessary
    All children must be paused permanent if possible
    You can choose whether to have 1 permanent spouse or several
    If you choose to have several spouses,you can only have 1 pregnancy per spouse and you must delete or kill the spouse after (if you are doing LD&L grinding, you may move them out if possible and use them for orb grinding. You may not pause/save them)
    You must reach partners to be able to Woo-hoo(try for baby) with the spouse (standard game rule/limitation)
    After Woo-hoo, must wait the standard 24 hours for the baby(s) to be delivered
    You may not become pregnant again during the 24 hours
    There is a fee of 100 simolians for each 'pregnancy' (Hospital fee?)

    Giving birth
    Giving birth is a dice based chance 'mini game' If you have enough for more than one baby. Ignore this if you don't
    If you roll a:
    1=1 child
    2=1 child
    3=1 child

    Money will have be kept track of on a pen and paper, as sims freeplay has player funds and not household funds
    Start off with 100 simolians
    Baby cost is not counted
    Earn money through hobbies and house revenue
    Daily reward does NOT add to the household funds
    I may add a klepto feature in the future
    You may NOT have a job/go to work. If you do, any money earned is NOT added to the household fund
    You may build a house before the challenge starts without using the household funds but any additional objects/rooms/pools once the challenge has started MUST come out of the household funds
    No LP/SP objects allowed ONCE the challenge has started.
    Birthday cake cost not counted

    Reaching the sims count
    Once you have reached the sims count, you should delete any adult children of your Sim if you do not want them to be your heir/are the mother of a previous gen

    Heirs and generations
    A new generation should start every 20 children
    You may pick any gender to be the heir as it does not matter in this challenge (men can become pregnant, orisis must have used one of his machines! :) )
    You should have 5 generations by the end
    You do not need a new house per gen, but if you build a new house the no budget rule applies (see above)
    You can only build a new house for a new generation

    I think that's all, have fun and happy simming!

    Re: 100 Baby Challenge: Adapted For Sims Freeplay

    Posted: 18 Feb 2017, 07:45
    by ilovethesims
    EDIT: you can only build a new house when a new generation starts, once you have been romantic with the next spouse, you can no longer build a house for this gen as it is not new
    You may keep spouses but you can only marry them after that gen has ended. I hope this is clear