SFP is making a mess of things

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SFP is making a mess of things

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If anyone still needs a sign that SFP has become complete crap at scheduling the timing of Events I’ve got the perfect example —

When I opened my game at roughly 6am this morning to do the check-in with Kam to finish off yesterday’s list of tasks for SimChase: Season 30 I was informed that the Captivating Coast Live Event had started.

What’s so bad about that you ask? Well (speaking of SimChase: S30) I still have 1 regular prize and the Grand prize left to get so there’s 2 days left in that mini-game. And let’s not forget that my game shows there’s roughly 3 days left in the current Influence Island (one, that I might add, started on the same day as SC:S30). And now a new crafting Event. That means that there are THREE EVENTS for me to juggle while still needing to send my working Sims to their jobs so there are Simoleons to pay for the MasterClass in SC:S30.

There should never be even the remotest chance that players face this kind of challenge!!! Also this doesn’t even take into consideration the new Sim Springs or the other side quests that occasionally get scheduled alongside the three main Events because I haven’t done the Pregnancy, Downtown Developer, or whatever other weird side quests SFP has on offer. I haven’t done them yet because IF I do manage to get a breather in between grinding on the three main Event-types I’m so burned-out on the game that sending my working Sims off to work (off site for the Professionals), setting my other Sims to Gardening etc., checking the mail, and keeping Sims’ and Pets’ needs fulfilled are all I can handle and even that has become a major chore so there’s no bloody way I can get involved in any side quest!!!

SFP needs to get their act together and stop the overlapping start/finish dates of the SimChase, Influence Island, and Crafting events at the very minimum! A week between the end of one event and the start of the next event would allow players who didn’t start exactly on time to complete the current one before jumping into the next. That would also mean that only one SC and one II would be needed per update. A win-win for everyone.

If you’ve managed to wade through my latest rant about SFP then many huge THANKS and lots of ::BIG HUGS:: to you all! I plan to send off letters of complaint to FireMonkeys and EA as soon as I can craft one that’s lucid and explains what I see the problem to be yet is as non-hostile as I can make it. I usually don’t send e-mails to the SFP overlords because I don’t like calling attention to my game for...well...reasons but the current situation is the most ridiculous one I’ve faced yet so they need to be informed about it.
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