Smallfry's Quest for Treasure

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Smallfry's Quest for Treasure

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This goes along with the Treasure Hunt Event. It sounds like this update has the first of many Treasure Hunt events, which will each have a matching Smallfry Quest. Only the theme and prizes will change.

Source ... GdhNlNrLWg.

Visit the Questlog to find “Smallfry’s Quest for Treasure” and complete the steps listed. By continuing this quest, you will unlock the hidden locations on the Treasure Map!

Besides unlocking the treasure map locations the quest earns
🔸️ Clue Boosts which increase how many clues you can earn from Research events
🔸️Ancient Relics and Golden Bunnies
🔸️Unique Item – a special prize when you complete.

The Coat of Arms Shield is the prize for completing the quest in the University of Britechester Treasure Hunt Event:

More information from ... -hunt/amp/

Quest steps
1.Start the Research: Home Clue Hunt event Reward: 10 Clues, unlock Venue (Investigation) and Dig Site 1 (Expedition)
2.Earn 150 Ancient Relics Reward: 40 Ancient Relics and 4 Clues
3.Complete 2 Research: Home Clue Hunt events Reward: 10 Golden Bunnies, unlock Dig Site 2 (Expedition) and Clue Boost 1
4.Complete 5 Expedition events Reward: 60 Ancient Relics and 6 Clues
5.Complete 2 Investigation events Reward: 80 Ancient Relics and 8 Clues
6.Complete 3 Research: Home Clue Hunt events Reward: 20 Golden Bunnies, Dig Site 3 (Expedition) and Clue Boost 2
7.Complete Smallfry’s Dig Site 3 times Reward: 100 Ancient Relics
8.Earn 30 Golden Bunnies Reward: event completion prize
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