A Christmas Warming - The Story

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A Christmas Warming - The Story

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This story has been told with the quest.
(Copied from the game.)

A Christmas Warming
Is that melodious Carols your Sim can hear? It's that festive time of year again. Time to transform your home with Christmas decorations. Have your Sim place 5 decorations.

Your Sim's excitement is bubbling now that everything is looking merry. But wait……where's the number 1 ingredient for Christmas? Where's the snow?! Have your Sim investigate the weather at the X on a Home Lot.

Your Sim looks around for a skerrick of snow. There's not a cloud in the sky - there's not a hint of winter. What's going on? From a TV have your Sim check for weather related news.

There is no weather news on TV, only Santa talking up a storm! 'I'm over snow. This year Christmas is getting a summer makeover. To
chase away the winter blues, I will be trucking in 800,000 cubic tons of sand to everv home!' What!? SimTown enqulfed in sand?? From a Phone have your Sim call Pepper the Elf to confirm the catastrophe.

Your Sim speaks with Pepper. "It's all true, Santa's disrupted the weather AND he has other summer shenanigans in store! I need your help! Meet me at the Park.' Have your Sim travel to the Park and talk to Pepper.

Your Sim arrives at the Park to find a distressed Pepper. 'I've tried to reason with Santa but he just won't listen! Now he's left for his new
summer getaway: 'The Claus Compound'. I've called for the sleigh. Maybe you can talk some sense to Santa.' Have your Sim wait for Santa's sleigh at the X in the Park.

(Daybreak - Santa's Sleigh has arrived, but it's now running on solar power.….. It is recharging and will be ready to fly …)

Santa's sleigh has arrived, ready for your Sim at the Park. Time to find out if Santa can be reasoned with. Have your Sim travel to the Claus Compound using Santa's Sleigh in the Park.

Your Sim arrives at Claus Compound, and spots Santa. He looks distinctly different! Have your Sim speak to Santa.

Your Sim approaches a beaming Santa. 'Isn't the sun just what Christmas needs?' Your Sim tries to reason with Santa. All this
summer talk just isn't like him, least of all that outfit! Have your Sim ask Santa to prove he's a summer soul.

Your Sim challenges Santa to prove he is a summer soul. 'Tell you what, if you can beat me at pool volleyball I'Il put a halt to my summer
Christmas plans. That should be enough proof.' Have your Sim play volleyball with Santa.

Your Sim is stunned as Santa delivers the winning serve. 'I win!' says Santa. 'Summer is coming, Besides, it's not just me who wants a
summer Christmas. It's me AND the Christmas Council!' Christmas Council? What is that? Have your Sim research the Christmas Council at a Computer.

Your Sim learns from online articles that the Christmas Council is a thing. It’s members - Santa, The Ice Queen, Jack Frost and
the Grouch all vote on what happens with Christmas each year. Who knew? But can your Sim get the council to reconsider? Have 9 Sims read about council charters from bookshelves.

Reading Christmas Council's charters levels up your Sim's constitutional knowledge, and helps spot a solution. The charter allows
for an emergency council re-vote! If Santa won't budge, the others may! Better tell Pepper! From a Phone have your Sim call Pepper the Elf to fill her in.

(Daybreak - Your Sim tries calling, but the line is busy. Your Sim should be able to try calling again …)

Your Sim finally gets through to Pepper. She breathes a sigh of relief upon hearing about the emergency council and the strategy of
persuading a summer Christmas re-vote. 'This sounds promising! In fact, if you head to the park you might find someone to persuade. Have your Sim travel to the Park to investigate.

Your Sim arrives at the park and is surprised to find the Ice Queen tampering with the weather machine! What is she up to? Have your Sim question the Ice Queen.

Your Sim starts questioning the Ice Queen, but the Ice Queen interrupts. "Darn that Santa!' He's broken the machine!' Have your Sim inspect the Weather Machine.

Your Sim inspects the Weather Machine. It appears that there are several screws missing. Have up to 10 Sims search household objects for spare screws to fix the Weather Machine.

With all the missing screws located and tightened, the Weather Machine's engine whirs into life. Snow begins to fall over SimTown. What a sight! Tears glisten in the Ice Queen's eyes. Have your Sim give the Ice Queen a warm hug.

Your Sim comforts the Ice Queen. 'I couldn't bear to see SimTown devoid of snow. Santa has literally put a spanner in the works.' Hang
on, wasn't the Ice Queen onboard with summer Christmas? Have your Sim ask the Ice Queen why she voted for summer Christmas.

The Ice Queen sighs. "It sounded like a nice change. But then my Ice Palace started to melt. All that sunbaking has half-baked Santa's
ideas. We have to do something!' We? Sounds like more help! With the Ice Queen, have your Sim come up with a vote reversal plan.

(Daybreak - The Ice Queen just had a brainfreeze. She should snap out of it ...)

Your Sim reviews the plan. The Ice Queen will target Jack Frost, while your Sim is tasked with swaying the Grouch. But how? Have your Sim return home and think like the Grouch using a dining chair.

Thinking like Grouch transports your Sim deep into the recesses of the Grouch's mind. He is quite the devious character. And that grumbling
sound? Grouch-like self-pity? Not quite. That's just your Sim's stomach demanding food to think clearly. Have your Sim prepare a meal for one at a Stove.

With no grumblings to distract your Sim they can focus on thinking like the Grouch. What drives him? Love?…ew..no! Materialism! Materialism helps one forget their real problems. Money it is! Have your Sim research get rich schemes on a Computer.

Your Sim assesses get rich schemes online. Now what will work on the Grouch? Simoleons? No, too obvious. Junk bonds? Too dated. Crypto? It IS the ultimate digital dividend! Have vour Sim invest in crypto on a computer.

Your Sim hits 'enter'. With the crypto locked in it's time to sweeten the deal with collectible coins. Have Sims search household items for 36 collectible coins.

Your Sim is armed with a profitable portfolio to sway the Grouch. But where could he be? Time to get academic and narrow it down. From a computer, have your Sim read the article, "Who's Who of Simtown“.

(Daybreak - The "Who's Who of SimTown" turns out to be a voluminous pdf file. The downloaded article should be ready to read …)

The "Who's Who of SimTown" contains a photo of the Grouch delighting in Sim misery. Nothing beats a public space to witness collective disappointment. The Grouch must have gone to the Park! Have your Sim travel to the Park.

Your Sim arrives at the Park to find the Grouch standing near some paper on the ground? Upon closer inspection, your Sim realizes they are flyers. What evil scheme is up his sleeve this year? Have your Sim read the flyer.

Your Sim reads the flyer - "This year's Christmas presents will be replaced with seashells and sunscreen - enjoy!" Enjoy?! Santa's Christmas makeover is playing right into the Grouch's hands! Have your Sim confront the Grouch.

Your Sim confronts the Grouch. 'Santa's making my life much easier this year with this summer stupidity! Christmas will be ruined for sure!' Will the financial package swing the Grouch's vote? Have your Sim present the offer to the Grouch.

Your Sim's offer fills the Grouch's eyes with Simoleon signs. "'No, no the opportunity to ruin Christmas is too good to pass up,' he says. Your
Sim is going to need help to change the Grouch's mind. Have up to 14 Sims ponder what to do next from the X marks at the Park and Sim homes.

Your Sims' hive mind settles upon an ingenious idea. Isn't the Grouch uncharacteristically happy? Could that be used against him? Have your Sim explain the Happiness Paradox to the Grouch.

(Daybreak - The Grouch appears to be too distracted with his scheming to let the Happiness Paradox sink in.
The Grouch should be able to self-evaluate ...)

The Grouch considers the Happiness Paradox. He has become a happy Grouch. Realizing the irony of the situation, he splutters. Watch the Grouch have an existential crisis from the X in the Park.

The thought of being happy throughout Christmas is making the Grouch's ginger hair curl. He is grateful to your im for returning him to grouchiness. "I guess I should thank you - for a fee, of course!' Have your Sim secure the Grouch's vote with the financial package.

Your Sim finalizes the deal with the Grouch. 'Better hurry,' he says, 'the manufacturing at Santa's Workshop is about to switch to shells. Have your Sim travel to Santa's Workshop using the Sleigh.

Your Sim arrives at Santa's Workshop to be met by a distressed Pepper. She says that Santa is making them prep seashells and sunscreen presents! Have your Sim panic at the X at Santa's Workshop.

Your Sim is snapped out of their panic by a loud bang. "Broken seashells have jammed the present production line!' Pepper exclaims. It seems that the parts needed to repair the Present Machine can be found in household items. Have Sims find 64 Present Machine repair parts from household items.

Your Sim finds all the repair parts and the present production line chugs back to life. Seashells and sunscreen don't cut it for Christmas! You have to get the machine to produce presents. Have your Sim reset the Present Machine to, "Manufacture Presents".

(Daybreak - The Present Machine stops dead. Looks like it'Il take awhile for it to reconfigure to manufacture presents. The machine should successfully be reset …)

Your Sim lets out a sigh of relief as traditional presents start to appear. Present disaster averted! All's well here, but how is the Ice Queen doing? Have your Sim call the Ice Queen on a phone at the X of Santa's Workshop.

Your Sim listens to a frustrated Ice Queen. 'Jack's freed the Snow Sprites in SimTown! I am beside myself with worry!' Round them up and
get them back. Have your Sim travel back to SimTown.

Your Sim returns to SimTown. Now how to attract the Sprites? Perhaps lowering the temperature? Have Sims lower the room temperature by opening fridge doors.

The temperature inside feels chillier, but there are no Sprites in sight. But wait, what's that noise? Have your Sim closely inspect the noise at the X of the Home Lot.

Your Sim investigates the noise and discovers a Snow Sprite! Something's wrong though. The Snow Sprite looks unhappy. Have your Sim ask the Snow Sprite what's wrong.

The Snow Sprite explains that they feel lost. 'Jack set us free but we miss the Ice Palace. Here in SimTown my confidence is shot.' Have your Sim encourage the Snow Sprite to be positive.

(Daybreak - The Sprite is having a long-hard think about positivity. He'll let you know …)

After considering what your Sim said, the Snow Sprite says they are slowly finding their confidence. If only somebody could talk to Jack about his impulsive ideas. Wait, where is Jack? Ask the Snow Sprite where Jack is.

The Snow Sprite says he doesn't know where Jack is, he departed the Ice Palace after setting the Sprites free. However, he did leave
emergency contact information. The Sprite's misplaced it though, Rats! Have Sims search household items for Jack's emergency contact details.

Your Sim finds Jack's emergency contact details. It seems that Jack Frost has gone to holiday at Santa' Claus Compound. The Snow Sprite warns you that Jack's devious, so be careful. Have your Sim travel to the Claus Compound using the Sleigh at the Park.

Your Sim arrives at the Claus Compound and spots Jack by the swimming pool. What's he up to? Have your Sim observe Jack at the X.

Your Sim is approached by Jack after his dive. 'Did you see that? Pretty cool right? Too bad I didn't get to splash you! It's great to have an alternative to snowballs!" Have your Sim talk to Jack Frost about the Snow Sprites and voting.

Talking to Jack about voting doesn't get your Sim anywhere. He treats everything like a joke. What a child.. Hmm, maybe your Sim should speak the language of children and challenge Jack to something! Have your Sim challenge Jack to a water volleyball contest for his vote.

With a smash your Sim wins the game. Your Sim has taken a leaf out of Santa's pro volleyball bag of tricks. Jack reluctantly accepts defeat, and agrees to listen. Have your Sim talk to Jack again.

(Daybreak - Jack listens, but he's childishly taking the loss hard. He should come around …)

Your Sim tells Jack about how dispirited the Sprites are in SimTown. Jack looks genuinely concerned. He promises to talk to them. The conversation then moves to voting. "I might vote your way,' he says slyly, "if we have a water fight.' Have your Sim agree to Jack's splashing request.

As your Sim endures another face full of water, Jack agrees to, "do your stupid voting". Except for Santa, all of the Council are unified. From a Computer, have your Sim email the Christmas Council for an emergency voting meeting at the Claus Compound.

With the emails to the Council sent, your Sim can finally relax. But not for long….. Are those sounds of people talking? They seem to be coming from the living room. Have your Sim investigate the source of the chatter at the X in the Claus Compound.

Your Sim finds the Council members sitting in the living room. The Ice Queen, the Grouch and even Jack Frost have gathered to vote, as
promised. Have your Sim observe the Council vote by taking a seat at the table.

Your Sim sighs with relief as the Council vote for a Winter Christmas But wait, where's Santa? Oh, there he is……He looks upset. 'You voted against me?! That's it, I'm vetoing the vote!' He can't do that, can he? Using a Bookshelf have Sims check the voting memorandum for 105 pieces of fine print.

Your Sim is devastated to find that Santa is right. The fine print confirms Santa's veto power. Your Sim has to melt the stubborn man in red's heart. A warmed up Christmas is cured by……. heartwarming memories! That's it! Have your Sim collect a heartwarming memory from the Ice Queen.

The Ice Queen has a lot of memories to share. She passes your Sim a list of her fondest experiences with Santa. She's not sure about the Grouch, but she suggests you get Jack to contribute too. Have your Sim ask for a heartwarming memory from Jack.

(Daybreak - Jack's having trouble thinking of a heartwarming memory. He doesn't have great recall of mushy things. He should have something …)

Jack adds his memory to the list. It took him awhile, but it was there all along, buried within his child-like heart. Now armed with two heartwarming experiences, all your Sim needs now is to get into the right emotional state. Watch some heartwarming Christmas movies on a TV.

Your Sim wipes a tear from their eye. Christmas movies really hit that emotional spot! Now to hit Santa's emotions! What were those experiences again? Seems like your Sim has misplaced the list! Have Sims search for the misplaced experience list from household objects.

Your Sim finally locates the list, making a mental note to be extra careful with safeguarding small but important pieces of paper. At a chair, have your Sim refresh their memory by reviewing the Council experience list.

Your Sim reviews the experience list. There were some real emotional bombs in there. First on the list is the Ice Queen. Her story involves the gift of a snow globe. From the Sleigh, have your Sim travel to the Ice Palace to retrieve the snowglobe from the Ice Queen.

The Ice Queen hands over the snowglobe, and it transports your Sim into the Ice Queen's childhood memory. Kids are making fun of her for being different. She walks home alone. Santa appears in front of her. He holds out the snowglobe and turns it upside down. As the snow
falls, he tells her, 'your snow is amazing'. Have your Sim be overwhelmed with emotion at the X of the Ice Palace.

(Daybreak - Your Sim needs to get this snowglobe to Santa. However, the Ice Queen insists on wrapping up the snowglobe in snow film to prevent breakage.)

Your Sim is ready to visit Santa. However, your Sim is not sure if he's still at Claus Compound. Have your Sim call Pepper to determine Santa's whereabouts from the X.

Pepper sighs upon receiving your Sim's call. 'Santa's here at the workshop! He's got us churning out seashells and sunscreen again!' Have your Sim hurry to Santa's Workshop using the Sleigh at the Park.

Your Sim arrives to witness Pepper and Santa arguing. What's going on?! At the X have your Sim listen in on the argument between Pepper and Santa.

Your Sim listens to the argument between Pepper and Santa. "Santa, we elves are suffering." says Pepper, getting upset. 'Our hands are rubbed raw from handling jagged seashells!' Have your Sim comfort Pepper.

Your Sim comforts Pepper. Before talking to Santa, your Sim must first deal with the elves' injuries. Have Sims search for 24 scraps of cloth from household objects.

Your Sim has enough scraps of cloth to bandage the elves and leaves them for Pepper. Is that a quiver in Santa's bottom lip? Could he finally be seeing his summer folly? Time to release a truth bomb. Have your Sim show Santa the snowglobe.

(Daybreak - Santa is in a state of reverie, he should come to his senses …)

Santa snaps out of the Ice Queen's memory. He smiles. 'That is a warm memory, but you know what else is warm? Summer!' It looks like more convincing is needed. Have your Sim review the experience list again at the X at Santa's Workshop.

Your Sim looks over the list. Jack Frost's deviousness made it hard for him to connect with others. It was Santa who helped him befriend the Snow Sprites by building a Santa-like snowman. Have your Sim build a Santa-like snowman at the X outside Santa's Workshop.

Your Sim completes the snowman but is unsure it resembles Santa. Fortunately, when Santa sees the snowman he smiles and settles into
the armchair by the fire to reminiscence. 'First the Ice Queen and now Jack, such beautiful winter memories..." Is Santa's heart starting to melt? Have your Sim press Santa to restore winter Christmas.

Your Sim's pressing fails to move Santa. "I believe the sand delivery is on its way,' says Santa. Best get your Sim back to a Home Lot to assess the damage. Have your Sim return to a home lot to check on the delivery.

Your Sim arrives home, and after close investigation, discovers the delivery was only 8 cubic grams of sand!!'! 'Look I was never great at maths!" says Santa, "I just want enough sand to make SimTown into SandTown for Christmas!' This is no good, your Sim better step in. Have your Sim convince Santa to abandon his summer Christmas plans, it would save him from these arithmetic headaches!

Your Sim thinks Santa is about to abandon his summer Christmas when he blurts out, 'YOLO!' Your Sim has to stop this! From a computer, have Sims find Reasons against YOLO.

As your Sim researches YOLO, they come across online footage of the Christmas Council, the footage changes EVERYTHING! Santa has to see it. Your Sim streams the footage to a TV. At a TV have your Sim watch the footage with Santa.

Your Sim and Santa watch the footage. Tears start to well in Santa's eyes. Big tears. Santa is going to need tissues. A LOT of tissues.
Have Sims search for 26 tissues from household objects.

With a teary deluge averted, your Sim understands Santa's sadness. The footage was of the Christmas Council tirelessly working year by
year to fulfill their charter. At the end of the video there was a special message: "The Christmas Council: bringing warmth at the coldest time of the year". No wonder Santa got emotional. Have your Sim comfort Santa.

(Daybreak - Santa seems deep in thought. Your Sim doesn't want to interrupt Santa's internal processing. Santa should be done …)

Santa is deeply moved by all that has happened. "l admit I've been blinded by the sun. But in truth, it is winter when warmth and kindness
is needed the most. Thank you for opening my eyes. Have your Sim shake hands with Santa.

Santa breaks away from your Sim's firm grip. 'Consider summer Christmas canned,' he says. "Now I've got to make amends before it's too late with a Christmas Council reconciliation!' Have your Sim plan a Christmas Council reconciliation with Santa.

Santa and your Sim agrees to hold the reconciliation at the Claus Compound. There's enough room there for everyone. Santa will undo his summer Christmas schemes and gather the Council Members. Have your Sim travel to the Claus Compound using the Sleigh at the Park.

Your Sim arrives at the Claus Compound. Everything is under control. Your Sim has time to take the Christmas roast to the next level with a
delicious glaze! Have Sims look for 29 glazing ingredients on household objects.

Your Sims' efforts in sourcing glazing ingredients will ensure a perfect Christmas roast. What's that? Your Sim hears chatter nearby. Have the
Council all arrived? Have your Sim investigate the chatter at the X.

Your Sim is happy to see the entire Council assembled. The Ice Queen proposes a new vote. Noooooo - deja-vu! Have your Sim panic about deja-vu at the X of Claus Compound.

Your Sim completes their panic attack. 'Well, that was unnecessary,' states the Ice Queen, 'I call upon the Council to add you as an honorary member of the Council!' Wait, really? The vote is unanimously in favor (and no veto this time), and your Sim officially becomes part of the Council! Have your Sim hug the Ice Queen in gratitude.

Your Sim has melted the hearts of the Council Members, but more importantly, saved SimTown from melting! Time to head home to enjoy a wintery Christmas!

Return all your Sims home from Claus Compound.

Congratulations! By preventing Santa from overheating Christmas, your Sim has been awarded the 'Claus Compound' house template!
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