Workstations for Live Events (Pictures with action times)

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Workstations for Live Events (Pictures with action times)

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The lenght of actions depend on your Sim‘s mood for a while already. Inspired Sims will be faster, happy Sims will do the tasks at a normal speed, sad Sims will need more time. Maintaining the Sim’s needs will keep them inspired and this will save you a lot of time!

(Click to enlarge)

Happy Sim

Inspired Sim

Sad Sim

Happy Supersim

Inspired Supersim

Supersims won‘t be sad at all.

Restocking the stations
7 actions are stocked when you purchase a station from the Home Store.
After those 7 are used it takes at least 2 hours 15 minutes to restock it for 9 uses or 10 SPs to restock instantly for 18 uses. If you are using SP it is better to just pay the 10 to get 18 uses as speeding up the started task immediately takes at least 8 SPs.
Leftover uses at the Pottery-, Jewelry- and Glass Stations will remain until the next Live Event starts as long as you keep them on a lot. Putting them into inventory will delete existing uses.
The Candle Stations will always be empty when a new Live Event starts, as they are needed for the tutorial.
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